Friday, Feb. 08, 2002 9:45 a.m.

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Song Of The Moment :- Groove Armada Edge Hill

If anyone has time, you have to listen to that song, it's brilliant. One of those songs you can chillout to. I really like to listen to this first thing in a morning and read a paper to or have a sweet cup of English tea.

Well college starts again in two weeks, on half term for a while, I'm returning on the 23rd, which should be a laugh. But the unfunny thing is my Wisdom Tooth is playing up again. At the back of my mouth on the left hand side it's been pushing up there for the past 3 months. It's nmt been to bad, normally the pain lasts a few hours, but it's been hurting since yesterday afternoon, well no pain no gain...right?
Does this mean I gain yearas of wisdom *laughs*, yeah I wish.

Gone through to the next round of that poetry competition, not done bad so far to say I was nerous about recording that and having a cold. I don't think I'll enter one again, it's really embarrassing to do. Everytime one of my mates tells me they have heard it, I just go all red and shy and at that point want the world to eat me. I don't why. Just happens.
But I guess it's a good thing...right?
On yeah BTW People, I'm not logging on much as Ken Palpatine on AIM right now, I am on line, but as Jason Palpatine (space included between the names) I'm doing some live RPG's with some people and I'm playing Jason this time instead of Ken, so I'll be around as him for the next month.
Nan and I where meant to do see Gosfold Park next week, but we see it today at 4pm, I'm going to swap Matt Damon for Ryan Phillipe today, Ryan is in Gosford Park so I should be able to get some idea of how to write Jason.
I really want to see Just Visiting at some point, but I might go see that with my Mum and Debbie when Mum comes down to see us. Yeah but that's if Debs isn't covering me with those sloppy kisses your granny gives you on the cheek. Ah well, Aunty Debs is cool! Maybe we can take Jody her daughter.
Jody and I have been friends since I was 7 and she was 3. I like Jodie she is far to grown up for her age. We just to fight like Cat and Dog at that age, but we've grown closer together now. We are very close to one and other. I love her dearly. Debs isn't my aunty, but I've called her Aunty Debs since I was little.
Once I remember when Jody and I where playing and she put me in the dolls crib and I went straight through the bottom of it, got stuck as well. That was so funny. But now shes all grown up, make up, mobile phone, nails painted. Shes a 14 year old going on 26.
OK Well I really can't think of anything to write, so I'm going to go and get a haircut
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